L, where the fuck have you been?


Hey. It’s been something like five years, huh? In that time I’ve had some real wild life changes. Met (in person) my now-husband, got engaged, got married, worked myself to the point of collapse, got a brain injury, got diagnosed with a couple autoimmune disorders, found a career path, started grad school. Plus there’s that whole global pandemic thing going on? I’m a little too thoroughly in my 30s for any of this shit, yet here we are.

This website’s been sitting around gathering dust, and I’ve been doing so much working that writing has barely happened in a long time. I miss it. So I’m going to post some of what I’ve written in the last few years (it’s not much), and maybe, if I can get my brain to wrap itself around the words, write and upload some new pieces too.

Maybe this is futile, and I’ll drop it all again as soon as I get too busy.

Maybe this, like so many other unassuming half-forgotten moments in my life, is the beginning of everything.